Team Member

If you are an employee or team member, this is the guide for you!

Zapa Client Portal

Team Member - Quick Start Guide


Creating a Portal


Although you can easily create a new Client Portal using the “New Portal” action item on the left side of the screen, it is recommended to create a new portal only after using the search field at the top of the screen to confirm if is pre-existing. To do this, type the portal name in the search field and if no portals have matching names, the portal does not yet exist and can be created by pressing the “Enter” key.

Search Bar, Portal Creation

You will then be prompted to enter a new Portal Name and click “Create” to confirm.

Create New Portal Naming Screen

A direct menu item is also available to create a new portal on the left-hand panel.

Left Menu Panel

Searching for a portal


The main page of a team member shows a list of all available Client Portals. As the list of portals grows it may become cumbersome to find or locate a specific portal that has already been created.

Dashboard View

You can use the main Portal search bar on the top-right corner of the app to search any portal by name.

Main Portal Search Bar

Click on the matching result to open the selected portal.

Using Search bar to find a portal


Uploading Files to a Client Portal


Uploading files can be done either by clicking the action button “Upload Files” in the right-hand portal menu or by dragging and dropping files into directly onto the portal.

Note: Zapa Client Portals support full folder uploads!

Uploading Files via Button or Drag and Drop
Uploading Files via Button or Drag and Drop

Downloading Files from a Zapa Client Portal


Simply click on a file name to initiate the file download.

Clicking on File Name to Download
Clicking on File Name to Download

You can also select 1 or more files by clicking the selection checkbox associated with each file listed and press the “Download File(s)” action button on the right-hand portal menu.

Selecting Files and using Download Button
Selecting Files and using Download Button

Renaming Files in a Client Portal


By default, Team Members can Rename Files that have been uploaded to a portal.

To rename a file, click the selection checkbox associated with the file you wish to rename.

Selecting a file to Rename
Selecting a file to Rename

That will enable the “Rename File” action on the right panel.

Pressing Rename Button

Click on “Rename File” and you will be prompted to enter a new file name. Click “Confirm” to submit the new file name and return to the client portal.

Renaming File and Confirming



Deleting Files in a Client Portal


Click the file selection checkbox associated with 1 or more files you wish to delete.

Selecting Multiple Files to Delete
Selecting Multiple Files to Delete

A file selection will reveal the action button “Delete File(s)” on the right-hand portal menu.

Lastly, click “Confirm” to accept your selection and delete the files.






Invite Guest Access to a Client Portal using Email


In order to grant your client or customer access to files in their portal,

you must first grant them permission by invitation to their portal.

In the right-hand portal action menu, click on the item “Invite Guests”.



This will prompt you for the name of the guest and their email. It will send an invitation email to that individual granting them access to the portal.

Note: By default this will grant the guest permission to upload and download files only.

Managing Portal Access Permissions

All Guest’s who have been granted access to the portal are prominently listed under the “Current Portal Guests” section of the portal action panel. This guest list shows the invitation status, and an icon to represent the various permissions granted to them.


For example, although Elvis has a pending (not yet accepted) invitation he has still been granted access to both Upload and Download files to his Client Portal once his account is accepted.

All guest permissions can be changed by clicking on the action button “Manage Permissions”.  Here you have granular control on what a guest user can and cannot do.

If you want them to receive notification emails when upload/download actions take place, check the Upload Notifications or Download Notifications checkbox. By clicking on the Red “X” under the “Invitation” column, you will revoke access from that guest user account. If the green “Cycle” symbol is visible you can resend the pending invitation by email.

Other permissions include granting the access rights to Rename and Delete Files in the Client Portal.